Sander Martijn

Creating Digital Experiences

Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you!

Hi There, I’m Sander Martijn Baart, but you can call me Martijn. Very nice to meet you!

I’m working in the digital industry as a strategist, where I try to create meaningful digital experiences for my clients. 

From the very first moment you get to know each-other until a long lasting partnership. The long lasting relationship you try to create for your targeting audiences is all based on experiences with your brand.

I’m helping you to create impact to the audience you reach out to.  From a small idea, to a big campaign and many conversions, I’m here to help you create meaningful  impact.

Interested to know more about how I do this? Check out my work, and let’s meet-up for a coffee and a good conversation. I’m very keen on meeting you too!

Check out my work!

My work

Over the past decade I have privileged to work for some of the best agencies in the world, and work with some of the biggest brands in the world.

Within my work I truly believe in partnering between agency and client and work together as one team. If you do so, you will create some of the most beautiful work where you will forever be proud of. 

See my portfolio!
My work