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Everything in the digital world evolves around the idea of digital experiences.
How do you create good digital experiences?

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Digital Experiences are here to make the world a smaller place. To discover new people, places and experiences. Curious? Here is some curated content for you!

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Open-up this digital world, get inspired but more important: Be ready to inspire others. Here you can find all the necessary information to become aninspirator

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Everything you need for a perfect digital experience

Digital Strategy

A good plan, starts with knowledge. Gaining insights on the world around you, the market you are in and the customers you try to reach. Digital strategy is combining insights, with knowledge and creating both an overall (strategic) and tactical approach.


The way we tell stories, the way we bring our message, is defining the succes of that message. Good content makes the difference in talking about great ideas and inspiring the world with great ideas.


Finding the right audiences is not the biggest challenge in this digital world. It’s all about finding them at the right place at the right moment, and make an impact on their lives.

Social Media

Reaching the world beyond the people we have around us, Social Media has became the gateway to world outside our own bubbles, but often interpreted otherwise…


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Everything you need to know about me.

Sander Martijn Baart Portret


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Who am I

I am. adigital strategist from Rotterdam. With over 10 years of experience working in and for various clients & companies on digital challenges.

My vision

Everything we do, is to become a better person. Regardless the short term goals we set, in. the end every human being is interested in growth. I want to be part of that.

My Mission

It’s my mission to help others around me grow, learn and get inspired on how to succesfully grow. Changing the world by connecting people in their desire to grow is my mission.

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